Experience, Training & Competence

Equine Dental services are provided by Lucy Tait who is fully competent and insured to perform dental assessments and routine dentistry in the UK. Lucy has trained exclusively in equine dentistry practice and is under mentorship with a full member of the British Association of Equine Dental Technicans (BAEDT).



- Attended the UK Trident Equine Dental School in 2017, 1 week residential at Guy Robertson Horsemanship, Doncaster, UK

- Attended the American School of Equine Dentistry in 2016, 4 week residential at the Bitteroot Ranch in Wyoming, USA.

 - Undertaken over 210 hours of classroom theory and practice under the instruction and supervision of specialist equine vets and equine dental technicians certified with the IAED, BAEDT & WWAED.

-Including her own clients Lucy has been involved in the dental assessment and work of over 500 horses of various ages and stages of dental eruption and expiration

-Discection and practicle work on skulls, cadaver heads and a full digestive system autopsy.


Lucy plans to further her knowledge and experience throughout her equine dental career. She is enrolled onto a further 40 hours of training in Oct 2017 with the Trident UK Dental School She is also attending the 2 day British Equine Vetinarian Association (BEVA) Theory Course in Advanced Equine Dentistry in Aug 2017. 


Memberships and Qualifications


- Student member of the International Association of Equine Dentisits (IAED)

- Currently in the process of collecting in excees of 300 key case studies to support her future application for examination with the British Association of Equine Dental Technicians (BAEDT)*. (This examination will enable Lucy to independently undertake Category 2 dental treatments in the UK).


*Due to the single annual intake of new candidates to the examination process Lucy will register in August 2017 as a student with the BAEDT and aims to be a full member and Category 2 Dentist within 18 months of then. All students sitting this exam are expected to be under the named mentorship of a full BAEDT member, practicing to advanced level treatment in manual & power tools and insured as equine dental technicians (EDT) or be a qualified vet looking to gain recognitian or specific qualification in equine dentistry.



- Independent Category 1 Equine Dental Technician; growing client base in Scotland and the North West.

- Weekly dental services provided to World Horse Welfare, Aberdeenshire.

- Dental presentation provided to staff at World Horse Welfare and public demonstrations

- Regular shadowing, mentoring and supervision of work by highly qualified and expereinced dental peers and vets.


Academically and in addition to the above:

-BSc Hons 2:1 Marine Science Degree from the University of Aberdeen

-NEBOSH certificate (Disctinction) in Occupational Health and Safety and Parts A and B of the NEBOSH Diploma. 


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