Visits & Prices

Dental Visits Price

2017* We have revised our rates to compensate for Further Training, Mentorship and Travel Costs 

Assessment Visit - No Treatment

e.g. Pre / Post sale check

(Includes: Call out, dental assessment, dental chart)


Standard Visit

(Includes: Call out, initial dental assessment, dental chart/ plan and treatment)




Corrections ; Appointments referred to or completed under BAEDT Full Member or Vetinary supervision £55
Equine Charity & Rehome Rates


Discount Offers....


1. Local Rate Travel Discount of £5 per horse-  applies within 10 miles of Banchory.. and.....

2. Multi Horse Discount of £5 per horse for a minimum of 4 horses and maximum of 8 in a single call out.


Wider TravelScotland, the North West & North Wales

We are happy to travel outwith our local areas please contact us to arrange a visit or a quote. Wereever possible we cluster our appointments to provide the lowest rate or reduced travel costs to our clients.


Our appointments are made for approimatley 45 minutes.  We aim to offer routine treatment to each horse in this time but it very much dependant on the assessment findings and depending upon the issues found it may not be possible to address everything within this time; clients will be consulted on any such cases and options for follow-up appointments or referal may be suggested.


All bookings are subject to availability and assume agreement with our current terms and conditions.

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