Terms & Conditions

1. Equi-Dental services are engaged from the time of booking and appropriate charges apply following a visit and treatment. Payment is requested to be made prior to us leaving. Invoices shall be provided upon requested.


2. Equi-Dental is fully insured by NFU for undertaking dental treatment services in the UK. This covers for custody and handling during the dental appointment only. Clients are kindly requested to have horses stabled and waiting or ready to present for the dental technicain.


3. As part of the initial assessment Equi-Dental will prepare a dental chart and treatment programme individually tailored to your horses needs. Clients following the Equi-Dental programme will benefit from reduced cost routine visits. However if the suggested programme is missed or deffered beyond 3 months the appointment will revert to the Standard Visit price.


4. On making an appointment Equi-Dental will arrive at the nominated premises to undertake assessment and treatment, however we reserve the right to refuse assessemnt or treatment if the health or welfare of the horse or the safety of the equine dental technician is compromised. In such rare events only a Call Out or Standard Visit (without treatment ) will be charged.


5. Equi-Dental reserves the right to cancel and postpone appointments due to adverse weather, unforseen circumstances & disease risk.


6. Clients wishing to cancel or postpone appointments are requested to do so in advance by calling the mobile number or leaving a voice message. Unfortunatley if we arrive at a location without notice & confirmation of a cancellation an appropriate Call Out charge will be applied.


7. Logo, content and pictures contained on the Equi-Dental website are owned by equi-dental. site designed by L.Tait / Equi-Dental.




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