Equine Dental Services...

When you receive a visit from Equi-Dental you can expect to have a professional individual attend to your equine, not only a trained and fully insured Equine Dental Technician (EqDT) but a passionate horse owner & rider.


We will undertake a dental assessement and provide dental treatments and a record for your horse. Our services include:

  • Examination of horse & teeth;
  • Routine rasping (excluding power rasping);
  • Removal of sharp enamel points, small dental overgrowths such as hooks and spurs;
  • Bit seat shaping;
  • Removal of loose deciduous caps; and
  • Removal of tartar (supragingival calculus) 

All of our dental work is undertaken using traditional methods and manual rasps. We prefer to work on unsedated horses but appreciate that in some cases owners and trainers may wish to seek veterinary sedation. We will advise on any issues which may need veterinary referral and treatment.


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*Current equine dentistry legislation and governance in the UK is well summarised by the World Wide Association of Equine Dentistry (WWAED) via the link below:



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