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Equi-Dental services are provided by Lucy Tait (BSc Hons. EqDT) who lives in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. She is an experienced horse owner and rider with a keen interest in equine anatomy and a passion for Arabian and native equines, endurance riding and showing.


After shadowing a number of equine dentists, Lucy attended the longest single attendance dental course currently availble to the industry with American School of Equine Dentistry. She started Equi-Dental and began working independantly in September 2016. Please see the Training Page for more information on experience, training and qualifications.


With 13 years expereince as a qualified health and safety practitioner, Lucy can ensure a professional, safe and hygienic service.  Her decision to train as an Equine Dental Technician was supported by her life long passion and love for horses and desire to really deepen her knowledge. She has a keen interest in anatomy and physiology of the horse and the impact this has on overall performance. Oral health and dentition impacts the very basic needs of the horse in terms of feeding and comfort. The ability to influence this positively, gaining improved condition and ridden performance from the horse is at the core of Lucy's work.  She is highly committed to continued training, assessment, examination and certification in this field and as an Equine Dental Technician (EqDT). 


Lucy is a member of the Scottish Arabian Horse Society and 2017 Vice-Chair of the Grampian branch of the Scottish Endurance Riding Club. She enjoys taking horses through their first steps into endurance and competitive rides; up to 60km weekends and 50km rides, on beach, grass and toughest of Scottish terrain.  


Keeping all her horses at home, they are a central part of family life, including her children's who enjoy riding and showing their own welsh ponies.


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